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The company, founded in 1973, has been active for over twenty years in the sheet metal work (cutting, stamping, bending).

The strength of the company, besides the quality of its products is its flexibility in terms of timing of production and delivery.

ERPAL specializes in the production of such appliances built:

  • Dominoes (fryers, grills, hotplates, teppan yaki, hoods to work plan)
  • Lift doors (sliding or actuators) to hide the microwave ovens.
  • Drawers heater to preheat the dishes

Broadly speaking, our work philosophy is:

We work along two different tracks.

  1. We produce standard models characterized by competitive prices and in the quantities desired, however small. The signs are distinctive logo, joystick control, ....
  2. We develop models designed to be in perfect harmony with a different range. Everything is done here: the study design, prototypes and tooling. Prices are discussed on basis of annual quantities. The personalization of models is complete.

You will find below a small description on devices that we manufacture:


Line Type 2:

Our range is a type 2 standard range consists of 4 devices: the deep fryer, grill, 2 burners dominoes and domino electric hobs.

Line Type 5:

Another line of there too, it is our type 5. It is expanded. In addition to the 4 similar to our type 2, it includes a ceramic plate of 70 cm, aerators work plans ....

Teppan Yaki:

We have developed and manufacture a device of stainless steel cooking generally called "Teppan Yaki". The product can be adapted to different design and also to our two ranges.l

Domino Portes Tiroirs